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Inserito il 19 marzo 2011 alle 12:23:07 da elparadise.

LCDdream LAB 2


Finally we got it! A powerful LCD software to drive teorically any kind o serial SPI display like nokia, siemens, motorola, etc...

What you can do with LCDream Lab? You can define how to drive a display (with parallel port), you can send your commands and data simply, it useful for experiment and to try out unknown lcd.

I write this program because i was searching how to drive a55 and c55 siemens display. I found nothing about on the net, only disposition of terminals (useful but how to drive it?) but no controller model. I can't build a microcontroller based test circuit, it can take me too time to experiment right commands so i create this piece of dream. ;-)

Luckely (wit big ass) i found correct (o something like) command to init siemens displays (A55 and C55) and how to inject an image. It's not much but more than nothing!

Thank you to Dream Lab!

LCD Dream Lab can be used to test many other type of display, known and unknown, i hope that will stimulate you to experiment to tast many more type of LCD and share your information with people. Please, write me your lcd information discovered with this program, i will create a web page with your data to help all other people. Thank you.

Cable connection

Here is disposition of connection, how you must made connection between parallel port and your LCD. LCD must be obviously a serial SPI display capable. It suppose that your lcd work with 5v. In many cases LCD work with 3,3 or 2.9v so you MUST protect display with the insertion of a resistor and an appropriate zener in every line except GND (take a look here and here to have an idea about it).

SIEMENS A55 and C55

Please note: LCDream LAB is beta software. You can damage your parallel port and, in unlucky case, your computer if you don't know what you are doing. Help file included is not complete.
Take a look to events already inserted to create yours. Events 0, 1, and 2 are necessary to the correct functionality of program. Don't delete it, simply modify it if you need. Commands and Data files are simply txt files with bytes data comma separated (e.g: 12, 67, 44, &h78). Suffix &h indicate an hexadecimal value. If you need extra info free to write to


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